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A unique diet that can reduce weight in 19 days and renew vitality. It may be the change you’ve searched for

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Great question. Learn how our LifeChange bioresonance drops help regulate appetite & metabolism

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The LifeChange Diet might not be for everyone but see how others have benefited & why they chose LifeChange

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The LifeChange Diet is very strict, but when adhered to it can bring fast results. If you are prepared to commit to a short period of hard work to see results and make a long-term change for the better, then this could be the right diet for you.

Member Stories

Motherhood and wanting the old me back

Motherhood & wanting the old me back, I wanted to feel fit and healthy and at home again.

Motherhood is full-on. Fuuuuuuuull on. In all nuances of the word ‘full.’ It’s brimming and bo
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Personal Trainer Veronika Larisova

Personal Trainer, Veronika Larisova’s Week on LifeChange

MY WEEK ON THE LIFE CHANGE DIET When I told people about my intention to trial the LifeChange Diet f
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It wasn’t so much to lose weight, although I did do that, but it was to be healthy and have that ‘beautiful glow’ for my wedding day.

I tried the LifeChange Diet a month before my wedding. It wasn’t so much to lose weight, although I
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I Did The Diet A Year Ago

I did the LifeChange Diet last year and the results astounded me. During the diet not only was I not
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Introducing LifeChange Diets - For Quick Weight Loss and Increased Vitality

The LifeChange Diet is more than a fast weight loss diet; it's a way to change your habits for the better in a sustainable and healthy way. It's the best weight loss diet for: rebalancing hormonal signalling for fat storage and appetite, reducing cravings and learning how to nourish your body appropriately,.This will serve you for the rest of your life.

The LifeChange Diet includes a specific weight loss eating plan for women or men as appropriate; it is a strict program, but there are exciting opportunities to learn more about how hunger, diet and rapid weight loss all interact. During the program, participants learn a lot about the unhealthy nature of the way they've been feeding themselves in the past; with the opportunity to step back and get some perspective on what they're actually putting into their bodies, many participants find it easier to break free of the bad habits.

See sustainable and quick weight loss diet results in just weeks

Many LifeChange Diet members report losing around 10% of their body weight within the first two stages - that's just 21 days! This makes it an ideal solution for those who need to achieve rapid results, perhaps for a special occasion, but want to do so in a way that is sensible, healthy and will last past their goal date. The LifeChange Diet is a popular weight loss diet plan for women who are preparing for their wedding and want to look their very best; bride-to-be members have reported fringe benefits such as increased energy levels and a healthy glow.

The LifeChange Diet includes ongoing community resources for those who have completed the program, including a blog, recipes and general weight loss tips for women and men who want to maintain the momentum of this major life change.

Principle Naturopath Danielle, the team of trainers and other expert contributors invite you to explore the site and see whether LifeChange might be the right diet plan for you. Should you have any further questions, please call 1300 973 083 to speak with a consultant.